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Translation added!Jun-11-2018 02:10:55 PM

Dear member,

we have added google translation for our website. You can choose now the language of your choice.

Best wishes

Minimum withdrawal amount for BTCMay-30-2018 02:38:54 AM

Dear user,

we want to inform you that we have set the minimum withdrawal amount for bitcoin 1.00$. We have set it because of the bitcoin fees. Other payment processors aren't affected.

Best wishes

Bruteforce protectionMay-19-2018 12:11:36 AM

Dear members,

we want to inform you that some people are trying to bruteforce accounts. To protect our members we have enabled an anti bruteforce system. After 3 false entries your account gets blocked. You will receive after that an e-mail to your e-mail with an unblock link. Just click on the link and your account is unblocked.

We suggest you to use always a strong password!

If you can't access to your e-mail and your account is blocked, than you can verify your identity via a deposit from an old e-wallet.

Best wishes

Referral ratesApr-6-2018 08:17:12 PM

Dear members, as you can notice, we have set the referral rates bigger.

From now on you get minimum 2% for referral deposits.


New plans added & bonus!Apr-6-2018 01:55:07 PM

Dear members,

we are happy to announce that we can fullfill our promise today. As you see, we have added several new investment packages. For the specific rates on a plan, please look into your account into investment list.

We are adding also a bonus for you:
Everyone who invest until April 30, will get a 5% bonus on their investment. The minimum deposit for the bonus is just 10$.


New payment option added!Apr-3-2018 12:59:07 AM

Dear members, you can make now deposits via bitcoin.

Reduced referral minimum depositApr-2-2018 03:18:48 PM

Dear members, we have reduced the minimum amount for referral earnings to 10$.

New investment plans will be added soon!Mar-31-2018 06:01:46 PM

We are happy to announce that we will add new investment plans soon!

Stay tuned.

New payment option added!Mar-31-2018 04:48:39 PM

We are happy to announce that we have added advcash as payment option. You can also make deposits via bitcoin, if you use advcash or payeer.